3 Reasons Why You Should Love Eichholtz Furniture Brand


If you were to select some essential items at home or in your workplace, furniture is one of the few items you would hardly miss. The Eichholtz furniture brand is a giant in the interior design world. 

When Theo Eichholtz established this brand in 1992, he may not have anticipated this current level of growth. The unique style of the brand can be summed up in three words—eclectic, glamorous, and luxurious.

The brand hires the best hands from countries such as India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. It will interest you to know that Eichholtz Furniture has furnished more than 10,000 luxurious hotels, restaurants, and clubs. 

The brand sells lighting accessories and makes special kinds of furniture for different areas of the home, such as the living room, dining room, and bedroom.

You now know a bit about what the brand does. However, there are several similar brands in the interior furniture space. Why should you love the Eichholtz furniture brand more than its competitors? Let's get started!

Luxury Furniture and Unique Designs

One thing all top brands have in common is the seamless effort required for people to recognize the logo and unique design from a distance. The Eichholtz furniture brand is no different. 

The brand stands out from the rest because of a great deal of attention that goes into the smallest details.

If you are thinking of giving your home a facelift, maybe changing the interior design from basic to luxury, the Eichholtz brand has got you covered! 

For example, people thinking of a modern dining room with great lighting accessories can get this product—Dining Chair Cooper Set of 2 Grey Velvet. The product has a great blend of simplicity and luxury. It's a premium dining chair that every fan of luxury must have to complement their opulent lifestyles.

To a great extent, sitting on a comfortable sofa can determine how productive you will be at your workstation. Apart from the level of productivity, a comfortable piece of furniture can prevent some spine-related diseases. 

However, Eichholtz products might be a bit pricey, but they are worth every penny.

Astonishing lighting pieces

Apart from furniture, the brand is also well-known for producing breathtaking lighting accessories. Have you ever entered a room, and realised you can't take your eyes off the beautiful lighting pieces? 

That's the sort of unique interior design Eichholtz is known for!

The brand offers different collections of lighting accessories. Examples of such collections include chandeliers, pendant lamps, lanterns, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps. 

One of their remarkable lighting pieces is the Chandelier Tango - 5 Light - Antique Brass. This multi-purpose product is suitable for a wide range of occasions, ranging from family dinners to large-scale gatherings.

The Netherlands-based company sources ideas from different markets around the globe. The astonishing lighting pieces made by it have found their way into high-end homes and luxurious offices. 

The Dutch brand prides itself on using the best forms of materials for well-curated homes. When we talk about luxurious interior designs, no other company comes close.

One other appealing thing about this brand is that it provides buyers with a variety of options. The company offers about 2,000 different styles. So, you don't have to break the bank to find a product that would suit your style of living.

Exquisite designs of Accessories

Your home is a reflection of who you are and even at times, it can reveal how successful you've been. Hence, there is no better way to show this than by using a classic and elegant interior design from Eichholtz. The exquisite designs of accessories from this Dutch brand are simply breath-taking.

Eichholtz accessories are remarkable because they give your home a stunning makeover. The beautiful thing is that they have different accessories and collections for different parts of the home. 

For example, you can amplify the décor in your home by making use of the Prints Black & White Collection 1 set of 4. These abstract prints mostly come in black frames with transparent glass. If the colour of your whole room is monochromatic, the print black and white collection can add some spice to it.

To further add glamour and luxury to your home or workspace, framed print accessories from Eichholtz are your best choice. 

If you probably want a framed picture of your role model on the wall of your living room, the company provides you with the option of making a customised order. Hanging a piece of art on the walls of your bedroom can have a great impact on your subconscious mind.

How the brand puts accessories together to make an elegant style out of them is simply short of astonishment. Moreover, the brand aims to make furniture, lighting pieces, and accessories that can pass from one generation to the next. Why not join the bandwagon of luxury furniture owners?


We all love getting value for money, regardless of how little the amount may be. When you buy your home furniture and interior design accessories from Eichholtz, you can be sure of getting real value for every penny.

Eichholtz is the go to interior brand for interior designers. The main reason being that the quality, materials, on-trend designs, and value make this a confident selection to appease discerning clients.

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