How To Choose The Right Bar Stools For You

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Choosing a bar stool might seem like an easy task, but at the same time, it can be tricky. A bar stool is a tall, mostly wooden, backless seat for sitting. It can be used for eating, gesturing, and drinking at a bar.

You might think, "Why do I need a bar stool when I don't own a bar?" Bar stools are stylish and practical pieces of furniture that add aesthetics and comfort to your home.

Furthermore, they are comfortable seating options found in the kitchen, pub, and dining areas. With a vast array of bar and counter stools, it can offer a very casual dining, reading or discussion place. 

A luxury bar stool at your kitchen counter gives it an entirely new look. It pulls together the entire room, and it completes your dining counter.

You need to choose the right bar stool because it adds to the fun while socialising with friends and family. It also gives you an elevated position to converse and enjoy your meal.

Taking Measurements

For you to choose the right bar stool, you need the right measurements and dimensions. Height is a key measurement to help you choose the right stool. A stool must not be too tall or too short.

A stool that is too short to reach your bar counter is not appropriate. Similarly, a stool that's too tall and causes you to bruise your knees and legs against the counter is also not the right choice. It can cause undue inconvenience when you should be having fun. 

The right bar stool should provide the needed comfort while relaxing and unwinding with family and friends. Use a tape measure to measure the counter height. 

Take the counter's height by measuring from the floor to underneath the counter. Your counter height will determine the height of your bar stool.

Generally, most people choose to make the distance between the surface of the stool and the underneath of the counter about 20 to 35 cm. 

This means if the bar counter is 80 cm tall, you should get a bar stool that is around 55 to 60 cm high. With a stool like that, you'll be able to sit and rest on the counter comfortably.

If you are still not satisfied with the measurement, while measuring, attempt to sit at the height you measured and see if you sit comfortably. 

An adjustable bar stool is another option you could explore; it enables you to adjust it to different heights. 

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Determining the width 

After measuring the height, it's time to determine the width of your bar stool.

Determine how many stools you need; you can do this by measuring your counter's width.

Make sure you leave enough space between each bar stool, at least 6 to 7 inches, and if your bar stool has an armrest or a backrest, leave at least 10 inches to allow sitting and getting up comfortably.

The most common bar stool seat width is about 15 to 17 inches. This allows for comfortable sitting. Large and taller stools tend to have wider widths and also fit well against the counter.

There are varieties of shapes a bar stool can take. However, it shouldn't disturb the seat width of the stool and the space between each bar stool.

Durability and fabric protection

Bar stools are nice and they may even serve as alternative furniture. It's quite easy to just draw out a stool for a guest to join in on a drink or a cup of coffee.

Bar stools are known for their durability, even with low maintenance, you can still get the most out of them. To get durable stools, you may need to pay a bit more.

Wood is a nice and commonly used material for bar stools. It's preferred because it is quite easier to source than others. 

In addition, wood provides sturdy and durable support for the bar stool and adds to the elegance of the whole furniture.

Fabric bar stools are a nice way of adding a little spark to your home. There are different types ranging from velvet, linen, to cotton material. The surface of the bar stool provides soft and smooth seats.

These fabrics are featured in the seats, backrest, and armrest. Fabric bar stools are highly comfortable and allow you to sit for a long time without making your bottom feeling painful.

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Pick the right colour

Once you figure out the measurement of your stool and the type you want, it's now time to pick a colour. Your room's existing decorations will help you decide which colour of bar stool you will go for.

While stools don't have to match your room's existing decorations perfectly, you still need to choose a colour that pulls your room decor all together giving it a nice theme.

To pick a colour, look around your bar or kitchen and notice all existing colours. After doing this, decide if you want your bar stool to stand out or blend with the rest of the room.

You could pick a stool that has two different colours or mixed colours. For example, the barstools frame and leg could be white while the seat is black.

Choose a stool that will help you add more colour and glamour to your home.

Don't just choose a colour for your bar stool, make sure it blends with your furniture and lighting accessories. Above all, choose a colour that makes you feel at home.

Benchtop overhang 

A counter overhang is the distance between the edge of the benchtop and the front of the base cabinet. It's the space added to your countertop edge for better convenience.

benchtop overhang is important in your bars and kitchen. It prevents drips on your countertop from rolling down to the faces of the cabinets. It is a nice way of covering the wedge between the countertop and the cabinet.

The overhang length can be gauged using a tape measure. You need to stand at the edge of the countertop and firmly press the edge of the tape measure against your cabinet.

The standard countertop overhang for home bars is about 8 inches or 20cm. If you don't have so much space to spare, you could trim it down to your preference.

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Bar stools provide nice and comfortable seating options for your bars, pubs, and kitchen counter areas. In fact, your interior space is not complete without a luxury bar stool.

Choosing the right stool bar may seem tricky. However, with the right measurement and style, you can pick just the bar stool to pull your unique room decor theme together.

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