We recently had the immense pleasure of being invited to visit Dutch brand Eichholtz’s show stopping headquarters in rural Netherlands for a sneak peak of their newly launched collection. The 43,000sq ft purpose-built showroom is a sight to behold, with every detail radiating opulence and style. Even the complimentary face masks were chique (that's Dutch for chic).

The brand’s style is the epitome of international design, with an effortless edge that surely stems from the Dutch spirit. One could install nearly any of their pieces in a property around the world, from Malibu to Dubai, London to Cape Town, and it will flourish without looking out of place. This is what makes Eichholtz top of the list for the global design set and why we were so delighted to be able to witness the nucleus of this incredible company first-hand.


The company began 20 years ago, founded by Theo Eichholtz, the son of a supermarket owner. Inspired by his travels throughout Asia and America, he started by importing containers of cabinets and interesting furniture, gradually growing the business into the success it is today. Thanks to his entrepreneurial drive and passion, the brand now boasts over 50 employees and a worldwide reputation for the utmost quality and unparalleled designs. All products are conceived by the in-house team and manufactured by craftspeople around the world. Theo Eichholtz once said that the inspiration for their pieces can be found anywhere by carefully studying the world around us. He describes the look and feel of Eichholtz as sumptuous, decorative and comfortable, with a dose of glamour. “Although we always work from a central idea, we set different, innovative and dynamic goals when creating a new collection. International boundaries have never limited us in sourcing the best of the best.”


What often sets Eichholtz apart, especially during the furniture trade shows, is their styling and room sets. Particular attention to detail is paid to creating a complete feel for the high-quality materials and products on offer. The Headquarters itself is made up of countless ‘rooms’, each one meticulously styled and put together perfectly to demonstrate the adaptable qualities of the various collections, with an array of outcomes. Nothing is off limits: Neoclassical elements, palm fronds, even monkeys, all feature and demand your attention. It can only be described as a heavenly maze for any interior design addict. 


One thing we couldn’t help but notice on our tour, was the clever use of mirrors throughout. Often doubled up, or even combining three or four tastefully stacked together, the effect opens up any space, adding texture and reflecting the existing qualities of a room. Mirrors were often the focal point of the walls, adding finesse, almost like jewellery, to great effect.

When planning your living room furniture, try building your furniture out from the centre of the room. A coffee table with a statement Eichholtz lighting positioned above makes an instant statement and draws the eye. Symmetry is not to be underestimated either. Matching pieces paired together or facing each other is a useful psychological tool, one that has been popular for hundreds of years.

Statement lighting is a cornerstone of any Eichholtz space. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries with size, scale or avantgarde chandeliers and pendants to set the tone and add character. Allocate a healthy portion of the budget to your light fittings and it will be worth every penny in design-kudos for years to come. Have fun and choose something that bends the rules and pulls your style away from the ‘norm’ by adding a super-modern design to an otherwise classical room scheme, or vice-versa.

A strong theme for your interiors can be achieved by committing to the same materials. A room filled with white walls, furniture and accessories may sound rather dull and clinical, but done well, with plenty of texture and reflective qualities, as well as the necessary foliage, can result in a welcoming sanctuary of calm and sophistication.

If there was one item we came away from our visit feeling like we MUST have, it is a bouclé sofa or chair. Certainly the height of nonchalant luxury and surely a trend for 2021.




Unfortunately, the Eichholtz showroom is not open to the general public. Should you be interested in any specific designs and require further information, please contact our sales department who will be more than happy to assist:

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