Brand in the Spotlight - Liang & Eimil

 The Face Behind the Furniture

Introducing Honghui Liang, Founder and Operations Director


After the huge success of our recent Liang and Eimil sale, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to speak in detail with the incredibly talented Honghui Liang about all things Liang & Eimil.

One of our best-selling brands, its signature style is synonymous with timeless elegance, modern twists and sheer good design. Based in London and founded in 2013, Liang & Eimil is every interior designer's go-to for signature pieces of furniture that will make any room feel effortlessly stylish and luxurious.

How was the idea for Liang & Eimil born?

Conceived in a time when ornate furniture and shabby-chic styles were prevalent, husband and wife team Frank Eimil and Honghui Liang sought to bring much needed modernity to the interior design business in a world dominated by ornate furniture and shabby chic homes. 

A classically trained interior designer and graphic designer, Frank’s thriving London interior design business had always focused on modern styles. Realising he wanted his own personal vision for design projects he decided that he would start his own collections. As the popularity of the designs went beyond only his projects the London based UK brand Liang & Eimil was born. With the business acumen of Honghui they set up Liang & Eimil in 2013 - designing, developing, and manufacturing their own designs.

What makes L&E different?

Liang & Eimil is a company that never stands still. We pride ourselves on the fact that we constantly innovate and bring new designs to our projects and customers, exploring new materials and styles. 

We are a UK family run business and design is our passion. Home furnishings are not just a business for us – we create product that we love and believe in. 

We know that our customers appreciate prompt availability and have a strong stock program so we can service our customers’ needs quickly and professionally.

Where do you find the inspiration for your designs?

Our design inspiration doesn’t just come from one place. We take inspiration from mid-century and modern designs – adding a contemporary, stylish twist to our products. We are also inspired by oriental influences, re-interpreting forms and materials with clean lines and minimalist design.

We know that good design evokes and emotive response that transforms our daily lives into memorable experiences. Inspired by classic designs, but rooted in the present, our innovative modern collections are intended to complement and enhance and eclectic interior vision.

What was a milestone moment for the brand?

We love to surprise and delight our customers. Our biggest milestone moment was our first exhibition in Maison + Objet in Paris. As designers and manufacturers we loved getting such an incredible reception from the global design community for our designs. This gives us a constant motivation to create new and exciting designs our clients will love.

What is in store for the future of the brand?

The future for Liang & Eimil is to continually innovate with unique designs with the same level of passion under which we conceived the brand. Alongside this we are looking to increase our sustainability, working with FSC certified woods and optimising our packaging to create not only longevity for our products but our global future.

Do you have any advice you could give to our customers on how to go about deciding on the perfect piece of furniture for their home?

Define your style We always advise our customer to start with what they love, define your style by creating a mood board of things you love and then look at what furniture you need for your interior.

Decide what you need Look at the functions you need and make sure to measure twice! Furniture serves both design and function so make sure your interior works aesthetically and functionally. 

Play with Colour Colour is a big part of our life and can really make a difference to your interiors. Mood boards will really help with this decision as you can tie in wall colour, curtains, upholstery and furniture.

Make a Statement Whilst it is tempting to focus on the functional – it is important to have fun as well. A bold accessory, a statement piece of wall art or sculptural piece of furniture or lighting as a centrepiece will keep you excited about your interior for years to come.

If in doubt… The UK boasts some of the world’s best interior designers – there are great resources at your doorstep to help you define your personal interior vision.


Here at House of Isabella, our in-house design team have selected our top picks from the current Liang and Eimil collection: