Creating an Inviting Space

We spend so much of our time amidst the hustle and bustle of life, it is essential to create an inviting space where you can rest your feet. Structured yet simple, creating a beautifully calm and relaxed atmosphere that stretches from the living room to the bedroom is achieved with every piece you select, every colour you introduce, every texture you feature. A great starting point is to draw from the Nordic trend that has swept across the globe in recent years, with a strong focus on getting the perfect balance between a welcoming space to recharge, and still having that touch of style without being too minimalistic.

1. Use Neutral Colours

Grey has had a strong focus in the Nordic trend, however neutrals are beginning to warm up with mustard and ochre complimenting oatmeal and creams. Natural timbers such as oak and walnut are perfect for bringing further warmth to a room. A dark accent colour is a welcome addition to break up the area. Your colour palette is going to dictate just how relaxed you feel every evening so pay close attention to this; one rogue colour could throw the whole room.

These pieces from our range are the perfect start to a natural colour palette:
Valenza Brown Leather Sofa
Kielder Bar Stool
Sullana Rug

2. Select Timeless Pieces

We see it in fashion and interior design is no different, trends come and go but if you stick to classic shapes and simple pieces that compliment one another you’ll find you won’t want to be redecorating annually. Pay attention to the shapes of your dining chairs, legs on your consoles, bases on your lamps, and pull inspiration from past times to future proof your styling. Curved pieces are more relaxing than heavy, square shapes so always keep this in mind.

Try the following items:
Madrid Dining Table
Stockholm Chair
Calla Bed

. Decorate; but don’t overdo it

Take a step back and see if you can remove one or two pieces. Do you need both throws? Is that extra vase necessary? The aim isn’t to create a minimalistic space to the point that it loses its warmth, but you don’t want to overdo it and create chaos amongst the calm of your main furniture pieces. Less is more.

These pieces are a beautiful addition to any room:
Ochre Throw
Chocolate Glass Vase
Carmel Pillow

4. Bring the Outside In

We don’t need to tell you about the house plant phenomenon that has gripped the nation, but inviting some greenery into your space really does make all the difference. It’s the perfect compliment to the warm neutral tones and - on a more practical level - is good for your health! If you don't trust yourself as plant-Mum or plant-Dad, faux greenery still brings a beautiful vibe to a space. Use planters to finish off a room, perhaps inviting in some gold or copper to create another dimension in your styling.

Some of our favourites to bring the outside in:
Hatfield Aluminium Planters
Hoven Metal Planter
Faux Potted Dandelions

5. Emphasise Texture

A woollen throw, a ceramic vase, a linen cushion; invite texture into your space to replace bold colours and pull interest to different areas of the room. Raw materials and artisan pieces create an honest vibe and are another way to bring the outdoors to your indoor living space - perfect for apartment living.

There are so many options to bring a more tactile feel to your home. Try these:
Chevron Throw
Patna Fringe Cushion
Hatfield White Ceramic Planter


Understated. Warm. Raw. Keep these words in mind and you’ll be well on the way to creating the perfect space that you won’t ever want to leave; and neither will anyone else.

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