Discover How to Use Eichholtz Lighting in Your Home to Stun Your Guests

The act of welcoming important guests to your home can make you nervous and excited at the same time. However, the Eichholtz lighting collection can stun your guests in a way you didn't expect. This is not surprising because the brand is well-known for creating classical and luxurious products. For guests to appreciate the beauty of interior décor, the living room has to be well-lit. That's exactly what Eichholtz lighting accessories provide. Many brands are competing in the interior design and furniture space. This healthy competition has brought about amazing and jaw-dropping designs. The act of lighting your home has gone beyond fitting several multi-coloured bulbs together to provide a sort of ambiance. The lighting pieces and accessories need to be expertly assembled to create a glamorous and stunning appearance. The Eichholtz brand is a giant in the world of interior design. The brand makes different sorts of luxurious furniture and lighting to make your home, office, and hotel beautiful. But how can you use Eichholtz lighting in your home to stun your guests? Let's discover how to do this!

Wall Lamps are Both Chic and Practical

The importance of wall lamps is often looked down upon today. But if properly placed, they can be a great addition to the interior décor of your home. The most common problem for most people is where exactly they should place the wall lamps. You don't have to worry so much about this issue if you are buying wall lamps by Eichholtz. The brand provides detailed installation instructions for all its lighting accessories. When strolling through the hallway, the wall lamps from Eichholtz ignite the feeling of serenity, glamour, and luxury. Apart from the fact that these lamps lighten up the surroundings, they are so pleasant to look at. These lighting accessories are designed by the Dutch brand to last a lifetime. You can decide to place them in the hallway, in your bedroom, at the entrance of your home, or in any area your creative imagination permits. A good example of a practical wall lamp you can choose for your interior wall is the Eichholtz wall lamp Positano. This luxurious wall lamp can brighten your room and provide stunning illumination. The lamp is made of antique brass and blown ribbed glass.

Table lamps that steal the show

You can stun your guests by using table lamps that are elegant and perfectly suited for the occasion. Modern table lamps are an essential part of any furniture set. Moreover, a complete set of furniture is never complete without a fitting lamp to match. Using table lamps in combination with ceiling lamps creates the perfect ambiance for either the living room or bedroom. A perfect example of a table lamp that matches several pieces of furniture is the Eichholtz table lamp Matrix. This sculptural lamp has a minimalistic design and is simple to set up. To maintain this luxury piece of lighting, ensure you detach the power cord before cleaning. In addition, interior design experts recommend using table lamps around the perimeters of your living room. Doing this would certainly make your room more inviting to guests. Place a table lamp beside it to highlight or brighten a piece of hidden treasure or a work of art in your home. Then watch as this piece of art or treasure catches the attention of your guests. The shades of these lamps are designed to slightly reduce the intensity of the light coming from the bulb. To make the visit of your guests more comfortable, rechargeable cordless table lamps are the best choice. You don't want cords to stumble your guests while walking within your home. In addition, you can get a variety of lamps from the brand, ranging from classical ones to trendy ones. In addition, white LED bulbs for table lamps have been found to provide complimentary lighting for living rooms and bedrooms.

That Vintage Look

Some of the Eichholtz decorative products have a retro touch to them. If your home is equipped with the brand's luxurious furniture and lighting accessories, be rest assured that your guests are certainly taking a second look at these elegant pieces of luxury. Vintage and classical interior decorative products cost a lot of money, especially if they are from a reputable brand like Eichholtz. Furthermore, to amaze your guests when they come to visit, vintage hanging lamps are one suitable lighting accessory to give your living room a classical ambiance. One such lamp is the Eichholtz chandelier Murano. This high-class chandelier is perfect for adding glamour and a vintage tone to your home. The net weight is about 8.2 kg and it's only suitable for dry locations and indoor use. A rule of thumb for lighting is to always avoid overly bright lights that can become too harsh for your guests. For instance, when the light coming directly from the ceiling becomes too bright, unpleasant shadows begin to form on the faces of your visitors! So to make their visit comfortable, choose warm and low-intensity lighting that is safer to stare at. Finally, if you will be inviting your guests for a day-long event, install an auto-dim light switch. As the day is gradually winding down, the lights in your home begin to grow dim. As the light dims, it's a signal for your guests to lighten up their moods and relax.

Vintage Eichholtz


In addition to being hospitable to your guests, lighting accessories from the Eichholtz brand is a great way of showing personality and making a bold statement. However, using furniture and lighting accessories from the Dutch brand will impress and likely create some sort of envy among your guests. Furthermore, good routine maintenance is required for all lighting accessories and furniture in your home. Set some time aside every week to clean and dust the lamps, tables, chairs, and bulbs. Regular cleaning and maintenance would make the interior decoration of your house as aesthetically pleasing as ever.

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