How to Beautifully Style Your Home This Summer

Summer is typically an outside affair, with much of our time being spent outside our home. And yet we can very quickly tire of heat and sun, especially on a stifling hot day, or when the great British weather takes a sour turn!

So, despite most of our time being dedicated to the outdoors, having a relaxing retreat indoors is still so important!

Home interiors should be updated with the seasons, incorporating different colours and trends. With a new season comes a new spirit and interest in different shades and materials, and summer is no different. With plenty of gorgeous seasonal styles to choose from and inject into your own home space, now is not the time to neglect your home!

We’ve collated some of the best ways to beautifully style and update your home this summer season, and embracing some of those stunning trends.

Embrace New Colour Into Your Home

With every season comes a new colour. When we think of Summer, we mostly think of cocktails, fresh fruit and sunshine! Colours that reflect those summer connotations tend to be on trend year in year out. Pinks, yellows, greens and blues all burst with summer hues. You may opt for bright and bold editions of these colours, or lean towards a softer approach. Either way, injecting some of these summer colours into your home is a must.

Whilst it’s not viable to redecorate your entire home every season, introducing a new colour for a new season can be achieved through your soft furnishings.

Switch your usual throws, cushions and rugs to one of those summer worthy colours. Our beautiful patterned burnt orange and pink cushion is a great addition to your home, mixing summer colours with a vibrant pattern. Or opt for some extra texture with our stunning Yellow tassel cushion which would look beautiful alongside a soft blush throw.

Do carefully consider your current palette and ensure any colour you introduce into your space will work effectively. But don’t be scared to mix patterns and contrasting colours. Summer is about being bold, and a sure fire way to inject summer spirit is by daring with colour.

Update Your Home Accessories

It’s unbelievable how a simple move around of current accessories or even shopping new, on style pieces can instantly refresh your home! Home accessories can often be forgotten when updating your interior style, yet they have the largest impact on nailing your interior styling.

If you’re looking to invest in new home accessories, neutral tone pieces are a fantastic investment and will work with various seasons and future colour palettes – including those bold and bright summer colours. Be sure to consider your vases, candle holders and general decorative accessories to overhaul your interior styling throughout your home. Pieces like our beautiful Odette Tall Candle Holders are the perfect neutral shade for any space, along with a gorgeous weathered grey pinecone ornament and a spray of cotton blossom in an ornate glass bottle. Simplistic yet classic ornaments and colours are perfect for updating your home to suit all seasons, including that of summer.

Switch Up Your Interior Artwork

It’s not often we tend to switch and change our artwork. Adding new artwork is a simple and instant refresh from what can become a fairly stagnant interior piece. If you have a blank home, artwork can be the place to inject new, refreshing colours.

Yellows, pinks and oranges ae gorgeous during summer, so choose some artwork that will compliment those new colours in your space. Our framed Gold Leaf Ferns compliment the natural tones of greens and yellows, but pops some detail within the space. If you want to add some pattern to your blank wall, our stunning abstract framed art piece blends beautiful blue tones with gold – a great match for the yellow and pink summer spaces.

If you’re working with expansive wall space, consider swapping one large piece for a variety of smaller, varied prints or canvases. Or be bold by experimenting with lots of colour and type to create a unique gallery wall of artwork.

We have a stunning range of artwork including stunning oil canvas paintings and abstract prints.

Bring the Outdoors In

Summer is all about being outdoors, amongst the fresh, green of nature. Embrace nature and bring the outdoors into your home by introducing greenery.

Don’t panic, you needn't worry about upkeep, go faux to have greenery in your home all year round. For a large, expansive tree, opt for a Faux monstera tree or faux banana palm. Large faux trees can work in most spaces, creating a sense of calm serenity.

If you want to add a splash of colour, create your own arrangement of faux flowers and showcase in a stunning vase. Beautiful combinations include Faux Eucalyptus and a White Rosebud Spray. This is a great option if you want to regularly update your faux arrangements with the seasons and your style.

Introduce Natural Material Furniture & Accessories

Natural materials are hugely popular during the warmer months. Soft jute, wicker, cane and soft, light wood are all perfect additions for your home this summer. Natural materials can easily be incorporated into any colour palettes and interior style, and looks truly stunning when mix and matched to other materials. Kick back and relax with a book in a stunning rattan chair or store your summer blankets in natural baskets. Blending these beautiful raw materials with those yellow, pink and orange summer colour palettes have never been easier. But don’t believe these natural materials are just for summer, they can be easily adopted into your autumn / winter home too.

Bounce Natural Light

It’s the brightest time of the year, so it would be no surprises if you’ve found some dark corners of your home. But you can easily bounce that natural light, especially into those usually hard to reach spots. Use this summer to incorporate mirrors effectively in your home. Large window mirrors are a great style for hallways and entrances, alluding to space and light. Or hang a trio of antique style mirrors to break up your picture gallery and create more space.

Summer is a fantastic time to update your home to new, seasonal trends. A light, bright home is so important all year round, so any improvements you make this summer, can easily be adjusted with new trends and styles in the coming seasons. Use texture, pattern and new colours to inject some fun and summer spirit into your home.

How will you update your home this summer?

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