How To Declutter Your Home In Time For Spring

Spring is almost here and it’s time to get your home in shape for the new season. Spring cleaning can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some friendly tips to help you declutter your home and get it ready for the new season.

Start by making a plan. Set aside a few hours each week to tackle the task of cleaning and decluttering your home. Make a list of the areas you want to focus on and break it down into manageable tasks. This will help you stay on track and make sure you don’t get overwhelmed.

Next, it’s time to start decluttering. Start by going room-by-room and tackling one area at a time. Get rid of any items you no longer need or use. If you’re having trouble letting go of certain items, ask yourself if it’s something you really need or if it’s just taking up space. If it’s the latter, donate it or throw it away.

Start by tackling the bedroom. This is the room where we spend the most time, so it's important to make sure it's as organised as possible. Begin by sorting through your belongings and deciding what you need to keep and what you can get rid of. Keep areas such as bedside tables and the tops of drawers free from clutter in order to create a calming and harmonious environment.
Next, focus on the living room. Take a look around and decide what items you can store away or put on display. Consider using a storage trunk or a footstool in order to keep a hold of the valuables that you just can’t part with, without compromising on the look and feel of the room. Is your sofa full with cushions that are looking a bit lifeless and worn? Why not refresh them with ones that better fit your seating arrangements so that they not only look the part but also serve their design purpose?

The kitchen is another area where it's easy to accumulate clutter. Start by clearing out your cupboards and drawers and sorting through your utensils and cookware. We’re all guilty of having one too many drinks glasses only to be brought out when we have a houseful of guests. Why not free up some cupboard space and display them using a drinks trolley? You may also want to consider investing in some storage solutions such as stackable shelves or a kitchen island if you have the space.

Unlike the other spaces in our house, it can often be found easier to declutter rooms such as a home office as they contain less sentimental items. Be sure to check through desk drawers and cupboards to make space for only the essentials.

Lastly, the bathroom- arguably one of the hardest areas to tackle. Start by clearing out any products that you don’t find yourself reaching for like one of the 1,000 moisturisers you were gifted for Christmas or that fancy cleanser that has never seen the light of day. Next, think about arranging your remaining products in a way that makes them both accessible and easy on the eye. Bathroom organisers and caddy’s are a great solution to bathroom storage problems. If are struggling with cupboard space, try and bring your everyday linens into the bathroom. Fill wicker baskets with towels for a practical yet stylish accent.
Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to start cleaning. Start with the floors, dusting and vacuuming to get rid of any dirt and debris. Then move on to the walls, windows, and other surfaces. Cleaning your home will make it look and feel fresher and more inviting. To keep your room smelling as fresh as it looks, try adding some flowers, plants or even a scented candle.

Finally, add a few touches to make your home feel more cozy and inviting. Add a new area rug, an eye-catching mirror or a piece of artwork to give your home a fresh new look. With a little bit of effort, you can make your home feel more inviting and comfortable for the spring season. Happy cleaning!

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