HOW TO Style Sofa Cushions

Having rediscovered the simple pleasures of staying in, we’ve learnt that there is something extra special about home comforts. Nobody likes a sad, empty sofa. A cushion or two (or six!) is always welcome for nestling into, as well as proving to be a straightforward trick to incorporate extra textures and patterns to your room where needed.

Whist there are many different ways to create an inviting cushion arrangement here are a few simple tips:

Not only are cushions functional essentials, they’re also your sofa’s seasonal outfit changes – a way to dress up, dress down or style any sofa just as you’d like it. A new set of scatter cushions can revive a tired sofa, change up your style and even transform a whole room scheme. Don’t underestimate the power of these interior staples, whichever way you style them.


Start with the biggest pillow at the back and build layers up from there. Vary sizes and shapes of cushions to add interest on your sofa. For example, on a large sofa place a 50cm x 50cm cushion at the back and finish off with a smaller, rectangular cushion at the front. This helps to break up the consistency and add varying scales for interest. Another trick is to incorporate throws or other accessories which can visually balance the sofa resulting in a unique arrangement which doesn’t feel chaotic.


Take the piece of furniture into account when creating your arrangement; look at all the colours and patterns you have to work with before making a decision on how to style them. The strongest cushion doesn’t necessarily always have to go at the front and it’s worth playing with scale; use different sized cushions and add an extra dimension to your arrangement by placing a small cushion in a complementary colour in front of a large one.

If you have a light sofa, start with the darkest colour at the back and work forward (and the opposite if you have a dark sofa). This helps to create that contrast.



Your secret weapon! If strong colours and patterns aren't your thing then be sure to go for texture to create the interest and depth required in your scheme. Texture is so important when it comes to your sofa, particularly if you want a cushion arrangement that showcases your unique style, Moreover, textural cushions are the perfect alternative for those who do not feel comfortable exploring the world of pattern.

 A charming textured cushion will add variety and character to your space. From calming cotton and voluptuous velvet to Boho fringing and beautiful beads, there are so many ways to bring texture into your cushion arrangement. Soft velvets combined with natural linens, a touch of wool and perhaps even a feather trim to incorporate your individual personality and that much lauded tactile element.


Don't be afraid to combine multiple textures from velvet to silk to fur; combining heavy textures with lighter ones across your cushions will keep your home looking cosy yet modern.


The use of pattern doesn't always mean that you have to be eccentric with your style. In fact, pattern is a way to add interest to your sofa whilst also bringing depth to your block colours. Think of your patterned cushions as accents: something that will create the wow factor or exude a peaceful, calming mood. Whether you are going for a stand-out colour or a monochrome, ensure to choose a palette that will seamlessly complement the plain coloured cushions by picking out even the smallest hint of corresponding tones and fabric to bring the them together.

When working with patterns and plains, one of the most common and aesthetically balanced arrangements is an alternating one:

Start with two fabrics which complement each other (perhaps a heavily patterned and a plainer design in similar colourways). Beginning at both ends of the sofa, layer one on top of the other towards the middle alternating between the two cushion styles.

There’s lots of scope for experimentation in the sitting room; combine as many large-and small-scale patterns as you like.

The key to success with bolder prints is to balance them with cushions in neutral tones.


There isn’t really a right or wrong number when it comes to dressing a sofa with cushions (except zero cushions, of course). Pile them high to make your sofa look as enticing as possible. It’s better to lean towards more rather than less; you’re looking to create a sofa you can’t wait to sink into after a long day.


The Interior Designer's Secret Weapon: use a 'karate chop' in the middle of the cushion to create a crease in them – this will make them seem more lived in and loved. It will also help to break up uniform shapes, and unite cushions of different colours, scales or families.


When in doubt, stick to a uniform set of plain cushions. The great thing about scatter cushions is that they are quick and easy to update whenever you tire of your existing scheme. Many people are known to change their cushion covers each season, introducing new colours to the room.

Your cushions by no means have to match your sofa, in fact, if you want to add impact it’s better to opt for contrasting colours. Tie your scheme together by selecting tones that are echoed in accent pieces such as rugs, ornaments and wall art. 


Our top picks for cushions that are sure to make a statement in your home:


Style your interior with this stunning animal print. The leopard cushion adds a touch of eclectic sophistication to any room. 

The Geometric Wave Pattern of this Rabbat Cushion, by Liang & Eimil, would make the perfect accent cushion in a sophisticated space. For your accent pattern, choose two matching cushions that you can't get enough of. These could be textural delights or pretty patterns to layer in front of your base cushions to bring symmetry and added charm to your display.

This Ochre colourway Tassel cushion pays homage to a world of adornment that we love! Add personality and a bold pop or colour to any interior with this ultimate decorative statement.
Boucle is very much having a moment. This 55cm x 55cm scatter cushion is abundant in texture yet breathable in weight. The rugged-textured fabric’s intrinsic properties can account for the material's recent rise in popularity, which we are living in a time when comfort and safety are of the utmost importance. Creating a safe and cosy space at home that encourages well-being is essential.
This textured multi-tonal cushion featuring a co-ordinating velvet panel and fringing embellishment would tone beautifully against a neutral coloured sofa.

The perfect combination of retro and modern with a natural pattern, the Palm Beach cushion will inject an effortlessly moody Florida vibe into your interiors.

This Vintage Peony Velvet Cushion gives a nod to the Golden Age of 17th Century Dutch art and still-life paintings featuring urns overflowing with armfuls of flowers. Add a couple to your sofa for a sure-fire way to inject some culture into your living room.

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