Liang and Eimil: Brand Focus

Liang & Eimil is one of the world's foremost luxurious brands. If you have a high taste for luxury furniture and accessories, then the brand should be at the top of your list.

Liang and Eimil is a luxurious interiors brand having its HQ and showroom in London. The brand specialises in producing top-notch furniture and interior design accessories. But how was the idea of the whole brand born?

A couple—Frank Eimil and Honghui Liang—pulled ideas together to build a style that blends modernity with mid-century design. The Liang and Eimil collection has its products securely stored in its warehouse in London.

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About Liang and Eimil

The Liang and Eimil brand is a family-run business based in London. The idea behind the brand was conceived in 2013 when a couple—Frank Eimil and Liang Honghui decided to work together.

The aim of setting up the brand is to create new designs relating to luxury furniture, lighting accessories, and many other interior decors. The company's plan for maintaining its competitive advantage in the industry is to continuously create unique collections.

The brand draws inspiration from mid-century and modern design styles. They devised a way of blending the two styles to provide cohesive design variety to their customers.

The biggest milestone of the brand was at an event that took place at Maison + Objet, Paris. The event happened to be the first major exhibition for the brand. 

The event was met with a great reception from the audience.

To maintain its high standard of interior design, the brand holds a yearly event that gathers architects, designers, retailers, and hoteliers. All these professionals brainstorm on how to come up with innovative designs.

The brand engages in the ethical sourcing of its raw materials by protecting basic human rights and the safety of its employees.

What Makes Liang and Eimil Different and What Is The Inspiration Behind Their Work?

One of the things that differentiate Liang and Eimil from other brands in the interior design niche is their ability to come up with new designs. 

Another factor that makes them different from other brands is their ability to deliver luxury furniture and lighting accessories quickly to their customers. And unlike some other brands, the company uses only FSC-certified wood.

The benefits of using FSC-certified products are quite numerous. Firstly, FSC-certified wood guarantees you that the wood used in building your furniture has been sourced responsibly. Hence, by using FSC-certified wood, Liang and Eimil do not in any way contribute to deforestation.

The brand gets its inspiration from different sources. The company is largely influenced by oriental design; they produce unique home furniture by blending a touch of modernity with oriental design.

In some circles, Liang and Eimil products have been described as a fusion of west-meets-east heritage. If you want to impress your guests, the brand should be at the top of your list.

What Are Their Best Sellers and Why Are They So Special?

Liang & Eimil is the true definition of luxury discovered. The brand has produced some breathtaking furniture and accessories over the years. They specialise in delivering classic furniture, mirrors, and lighting accessories.

The Polta Occasional Chair Sysley Rust is one of the brand's best sellers. This comfortable chair goes with any kind of interior design. Its unique round shape invites you to sit in it, and it's perfect for lounging after a hard day's work.

In the lighting category, the brand's Durham Ceiling Lamp Antique Brass is one of its best-selling products. The product is designed to be the centre of attention in a room or space. And one of its best attributes is that it can be suspended from any ceiling within a given hallway.

Meanwhile, in the mirror category, the Rochester mirror is one of the leading products. It is well crafted in an oak veneer frame to give your room a decorative fireplace. The product is a bit pricey, but you get value for money.

Liang and Eimil's Caravelle Painting Set is a leading product in the accessory category. The painting set is made of canvas and wood. 

One of the reasons the Liang and Eimil brand is special is its ability to blend simplicity with elegance. In addition, the ability of the brand to focus on one or two details to perfection regarding a product is simply breathtaking.

What Kind of Interior Style Liang & Eimil Pieces Sits Perfectly Within?

Liang and Emil's interior style is based on two concepts: minimalism and contemporary design. The brand believes luxury isn't just a visual strategy but a sensual one too.

When you buy one of Liang and Eimil's pieces, you're inadvertently subscribing to luxury, glamour, and elegance. In short, the brand's interior design accessories suit people in the upper-echelon status.

Furthermore, the brand's designs are rich and unique. But what makes the brand's designs unique is the fluidity and versatility infused into every piece of furniture and accessory.

If you are planning to style your home or office with Liang and Eimil, the best kind of interior style you can choose is either minimalist or contemporary. For example, Abstract Sculpture from Liang & Eimil creates an artistic focal point for your interior.

To further decorate your interior, the Figure Wall Art can evoke a relaxed feeling after a long day at work.


There are numerous brands in the interior design space, but brands like Liang and Eimil stand above the rest. The brand has produced numerous furniture and lighting pieces you would find suitable for your indoor space.

If you live on the UK Mainland, you can enjoy free delivery of your ordered products. In addition, when you buy an original product from the brand, you get custom-branded packaging.

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