Not only is RV Astley one of our best selling brands, it is also one of the first. Since our early days in 2009, we have formed a lasting partnership together. House of Isabella are proud to be one of the longest and largest retailers of the full RV Astley collection. We have supplied their pieces to some of the most prestigious homes and hotel interiors in London, Dubai and across Europe. With this in mind, we felt it was high-time we provide our valued customers a little more insight into this first-rate company.

Established in 1971, the roots of RV Astley stem from sourcing and wholesaling table lamps, furnishing accessories and giftware. As they steadily grew, the direction of the company evolved to encompass the complete interior experience, adding furniture, then mirrors and finally chandeliers.

As their beautiful ranges developed, so did the involvement in design, styling and manufacturing relationships. This enabled RV Astley to achieve the style and quality that they are so well renowned for in the UK, alongside a reputation for excellence in distribution and a national reach. The brand has achieved their own unique direction, one that is driven by design, to provide an array of exclusive, high quality lighting, furnishings and accessories.

Timeless, stylish and elegant, RV Astley products can stand the test of time and complete or compliment many interior settings. With strict quality control checks, everything is built to last and designed to grow alongside your own personal interiors story.

The design process is not straightforward. Whilst seeking inspiration from history and looking for design elements that can translate into the signature 'Astley' design, they also acknowledge the current interior trends of the time whilst not strictly following them. This has often kept the company one step ahead of the competition and certainly added an enviable resilience to their product offering. Some of their original pieces continue to look modern and pioneering many years after their original conception.

A breakthrough moment for RV Astley was the decision to design their own ranges rather than purely sourcing and purchasing products for business-to-business resale. At this point, the brand image of Astley started to take shape and the core of what they represent holds true today. 

RV Astley is now part of a group, which includes AM Bespoke and Glaast. In April 2019, C Webster & Sons, (based in Airdrie, Scotland), joined forces with Astley Ltd, with the aim of combining the strengths of both companies. Combined, the Group can offer unrivalled interior design possibilities including bespoke products made in their Aldridge workshop, which can sit along side the Astley collection, to create a unique interior look. They also manufacture collections for many high street names. 

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