Spring cleaning and getting ready for warmer weather

Welcome to House of Isabella, a haven of organised living and stylish style. As the weather starts to warm up and the promise of brighter, sunnier days float upon us, it’s time to tackle some good ol’ fashioned spring cleaning!

But don’t worry, spring cleaning isn’t all about hard labour and heavy-duty chores (although, let’s face it, sometimes that’s necessary too). Spring cleaning can be a great opportunity to declutter, organise, and brighten up your living space with spring-fresh colours and open plan spaces. The House of Isabella guide to spring-cleaning will get you started on the right track.

Start with the basics:
-Wash your windows
-Wipe down surfaces
-Clean your gutters
-Clean your patio and outdoor furniture

Then move inside and spruce up interiors with accessories. Add fresh pops of colour with artwork and mirrors, sort through your linen cupboard, and dust shelves and surfaces. Give your cushions a refresh, declutter your wardrobe, and sanitise remote controls. Introduce some indoor plants, and make sure to throw away old beauty products you don’t use anymore. Style your bed and coffee table, and don’t forget to sort and organise kids’ toys. You could even declutter your home office and re-organise it.

Finally, add that cosy, comfortable touch with those well-known spring-cleaning essential items: change your candles and diffusers, wipe down and vacuum furniture, oil or polish wood furniture, tidy and dust bedside tables, and clean your rugs. Lastly, declutter your garage space so your things have a place.

Done correctly, spring cleaning will give you an organised and relaxed space to enjoy. Make sure to accessorize your home with items that add that extra spark of life and whenever you need some extra inspiration, turn to House of Isabella for stylish, inviting and cosy interiors. Now, what are you waiting for? Get to it—happy spring cleaning!

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