With London Design Week on the horizon, as well as long-anticipated furniture ranges finally hitting the market, this is a run down of all things new, trending and exciting in the world of home interiors for this month.


We were delighted to include the latest collection from Hamilton Interiors recently. Top of our wish list is the beautiful Corsica Rattan Wardrobe:

Made from renewable rattan, this two door and one drawer cupboard offers ample concealed storage. The clean-lined black finish design contrasts natural criss-cross pattern on the front which lends the understated design a touch of warmth and texture.

This contemporary Ford Gold side table is constructed from high-quality iron in a warm metallic finish. Featuring geometric and austere shapes making it an ideal solution for switching up your home décor.

Effortless, organic textures are really having a moment. Inspired by Moroccan design, this bench's rectangular seat is hand knotted featuring a densely textured fabric complemented with intervals of geometric pattern. Elegantly carved Mango wood spindle legs are coloured in black to contrast the lighter upholstery.


Expertly handcrafted, this Romy Buffalo, diamond shaped stool is formed from black and white bone inlay detailing. A black and white palette is timeless and classic, with endless possibilities from subdued to statement-making. Whether you’re colour-phobic or colour obsessed, we can guaranteed your interior will  benefit from the introduction of a refined, graphic piece such as this.


HOT NEWS: Kelly Wearstler x Farrow & Ball

The California Collection from paint experts Farrow & Ball features a palette of eight fresh, sun-soaked hues, and has been created by American designer Kelly Wearstler. The new partnership represents the first for F&B created by an outside designer since 1946, and will launch during the brand’s 75th year of business. All the hues can be used alone or in conjunction with the wider range, too.


The finishing touches are no less important, and planters offer a stylish solution for softening hard edges and adding textured layers. Go for different heights or styles, but all in complimentary materials for a cohesive look and feel.

The ever-popular Albion Metal Planter by Gallery Direct is available in two sizes and we just can't seem to keep them in stock for more than a matter of weeks before they sell out again. The industrial design is easy-going and a welcome addition to any space. 

The beauty of using planters to create an indoor garden is the ability to move them around and rearrange them as your heart desires. If you change your mind about the placement of a pot in your living room, you can conveniently pick it up or even roll it to another spot. You can also easily transfer your houseplant into a different planter or pot for each new season, providing year-round interest.

For more of a glam look and feel, this is the Bronze planter-on-frame, a unique and contemporary planter in style and features which is sure to bring an element of design and class to any interior. The aged bronze finish and wide shape is extremely functional and also on trend, when completed with a beautiful bundle of greenery it is sure to create an eye catching piece.

Let your house plants do the talking with this luscious copper-effect planter. It is designed to be suspended and features an attractive symmetric frame. This planter is ideal for bringing a friendly touch of nature to your modern living space. The simplistic flowerpot is ideal as it goes with many colour schemes and styles to incorporate a metallic texture to your home. 


Your search for a luxury bed ends here. We have some incredible offerings from a range of brands that are sure to meet your bedroom needs.


Look no further than the Orchid bed in Wenge by Twenty10 Designs. Featuring sleek and simple frames with tapered matching legs, the Orchid's luxurious headboard comes with sectional upholstered panels in a beige soft textured fabric.

A quintessentially French bed style that is both charming and pretty, with elaborate detail on the top of the head and footboards. Intricately hand carved in mahogany and a fresh, white painted finish, to evoke gentle Louis elegance.

The Boho Boutique from Gallery Direct is a beautifully handcrafted wooden 4-poster bed in black with stylish inlaid carving detail on the headboard. This frame will add a luxurious and bold statement to your bedroom.


The centre point of any formal and casual living room, so why not showcase it as a focus of attention? Coffee tables serve many roles in homes: from a landing for drinks, feet or a television remote to a place to display meaningful decorative pieces. When it comes to how to style a coffee table, some may see it as a tricky task but with the right accessories, it is a great way to add interest to a space. We have included a few tips and basic rules on how to create a well-balanced decorative design for all types of coffee tables.

The rule of three has long been an implemented design guideline, explained as a design principle which affects every room of your home. It dictates layout, size and shape of objects, the work triangle of a kitchen, even the colour, pattern and fabric designs of your room. The human brain likes to easily puzzle things together and with three you can always find the centre point and balance.

Start with three very different objects and explore different arrangements, finding a balance that feels right for your coffee table. The stunning Hudson oval metal coffee table (above) in an aged bronze finish with inlaid, tempered glass top and mirrored shelf is the ideal design for displaying your chosen objects and accessories.

Depending on the size and style of a coffee table, grouping two or more pieces together is another incredibly effective way to create balance. When using two tables, a glass table two-tiered table, or square table, symmetry is created as we well as really making an impact in any space. We witnessed this design trick at the Eichholtz showroom in Holland, where tables were regularly paired side by side or as a cluster of four, which only served to emphasise the grandeur and daring of their designs.


Any table that comes with the benefit of additional storage is always a hit in our opinion. This fashionable piece adds an animal print accent to the living room which will never go out of style. Its three drawers boast sleek aluminium facing, with black strap handles contributing to the monochrome look. Reflective metal studs highlight an industrial edge alongside the genuine leather trim that borders the design. 


We have noticed a sharp increase in the sales of our artificial olive trees in recent months. Truly gorgeous and almost indistinguishable from their Mediterranean counterparts, our faux olive trees are a little piece of warmer climes that you can add to your own home, whatever the weather.


This trend has grown in popularity due to the olive tree's natural wood stem, varying foliage that creates depth with texture as well as the handcrafted nature of the product which allows for slight variables in each tree, just like you would find in nature. We recommend re-potting your olive tree into a pot that will better suit your home style. Simply find a pot large enough to fit the starter pot which comes with the olive tree, it makes a great anchor, then place the olive tree and fill in the space with some sand or soil. Finish off with decorative stones, moss, or glass pebbles


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